Brooke + Kevin

Wow. Where do I begin?

I’ve known Brooke for quite literally my entire life. Our moms were best friends in high school and continue to live within ten minutes of each other and attend the same church. Brooke is a few years older than me, so even though we did a lot of things together we weren’t really close until high school. I can’t remember what started it but it became a regular routine for her to come pick me up and drive all over the back roads of Suffolk. We would talk about everything, sing a lot, and sometimes go to Sonic for popcorn chicken and a Oreo blast. Brooke has incredible music taste, which I was reminded of at the reception. She made me some of the best mix tapes I ever had.


After high school, she went away to college and the distance drifted us apart. She eventually graduated and got a job, met Kevin, moved to New York City with him, and now works at Rockefeller Center. Yes, that Rockefeller Center.

When we were in high school and guys would find out I was friends with her, they almost always said the same thing. “You’re friends with Brooke Bunch? She’s so hot.” I hadn’t met Kevin until their wedding day and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It didn’t take long for me to know what a good man he was. I was relieved that she had found someone so great that fit her so well. Watching them the entire day was enough proof, but watching him get excited to dance to Taylor Swift with her really sent me over the edge.

This was such a special film for me to produce. It was a true honor to be a part of their day and know I was the one they chose to capture it. Congratulations Brooke and Kevin! I am so excited for you to experience all the blessings marriage brings. You will never be the same.