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Mark + Brittany

On September 30th 2011, Mark asked Brittany to be his girlfriend after meeting at a high school football game a few days earlier. He didn't hear her say yes so he asked again the next day. Exactly five years later they got married at the Rosewell foundation and I had the honor of capturing it. I've worked with Mark for going on three years now. One night on the truck last summer, he told me he was going to ask Brittany to marry him and asked for my advice picking out rings. We spent the next hour going through Brittany's Pinterest. In the year they spent planning their wedding I would ask Mark how it was going. I remember him constantly saying how he just wanted Brittany to be happy and everything be exactly how she dreamed it. I've only been around Brittany a few times but it is so obvious how big her heart is. She is such a sweetheart and she brings out the very best in Mark. They are everything love should be. Theres no doubt in my mind their love will leave a mark on this world. This film will always be one of my favorites.